If it’s evident you didn’t bother reading an article or thinking about it, don’t bother commenting unless you want to be made to look like a fool.

I’ve invested time and money into this little corner of the web so I reserve the right to decide which comments take up space here. No one is entitled to a published comment. I’m not interested in recriminations or playing devil’s advocate. If you’re a white supremacist, men’s rights activist, anti-feminist, you call me a TERF, whorephobe or man-hater, or you don’t respect boundaries, you will not be entertained.

I’ll gladly publish thoughtful, relevant comments made in good faith that provide supporting arguments and sources where appropriate. I’ll provide clarification and elaboration when genuinely requested.

Please be brief. A couple of medium-length paragraphs should suffice. If you’re taking up more space than 200 words, I suggest you write a blog post of your own.

Comments that consist of link dumps will be deleted. Links should be given context so people know what they’re clicking on.

Insults, name-calling and accusations aren’t substitutes for an argument. People who enjoy this blog are looking for thought-provoking discourse. This isn’t reality TV.

I won’t publish slurs. If a word is commonly used in a denigrating way, whatever other interpretations there might be, your comment won’t be approved. I’m sure you can make your point by using other words.