Welcome to my blog.

Lavender Blume is my nom de plume. At first I thought it would be cool to write under a different name and most people botch my surname (understandably) anyway. But I also wanted an outlet where I could express my views freely. Some feminists can afford or wish to write under their real names. I’m not comfortable doing that.

I’m a feminist (radical, not liberal), socialist, environmentalist, and a Vipassanā and WingTsun practitioner. I grew up in a small community in Northern Ontario and currently live in Toronto, Canada. Rural and urban landscapes each have their own charms and challenges. I try to maintain my connection with nature by gardening, hiking, and camping.


Graphics for this site by Vladstudio under license.


5 responses to “About

  1. Chelsea

    I really enjoyed your post critiquing choice feminism and the illusory picture it paints of feminism. -Chelsea, Johns Hopkins University, Political Science major

  2. Just came upon your site. I will be keeping tabs on your like minded opinions. I prefer web over social media and have extended discussion on relevant topics.

  3. I’m fascinated by your nom de plume, a name of the feather. With a feather women can write and fly.
    Blume means flower in German. The plant, the colour and the lavender water is called Lavendel
    And there is a famous DaDa-poem with the title An Anna Blume by Kurt Schwitter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_Anna_Blume
    Lavender breaks the tropes and the misogyny of the poem. Red, yellow, blue, green is mentioned, but not the lavender menace.
    Anna Blume is compared with an animal, a bird and dripping
    Lavendula is female, a plant is female, a flower is female and Lavendel was female until the 20th century. Today Lavendel is male in German, the grammatical gender.

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