Welcome to my blog.

Lavender Blume is my nom de plume. This pseudonym allows me to express my views freely. I wish I were in a position to speak publicly as myself, but I’m not. Those who do are legends.

I’m a feminist (radical, not liberal), socialist, and environmentalist. Born and bred in a small, isolated town in Northern Ontario and now living in Toronto, I’m part country, part city. I love all the variety and action the city offers but often crave the peace, honesty and beauty of natural landscapes. I try to maintain my connection with nature by gardening, hiking, and camping.

I’m not an anti-hunting soy milk-drinking hippie. Though I’m aligned with the NDP and Greens on many issues, I don’t think they offer a viable, radical solution to the current social order and they most certainly do not support the rights of females, though they insist they do. I’m politically homeless. I suspect many of us are. I think it’s time that Canadians created an alternative, truly progressive grassroots political party that’s feminist-led, materialist in its analysis of power, and committed to addressing the root causes of our social problems. We can’t expect things to change if the same people are in charge, but simply putting different people in their place doesn’t guarantee improvement. What are our values? What’s our¬†political theory? What do we want? How do we get it? These are the questions I hope to answer.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I really enjoyed your post critiquing choice feminism and the illusory picture it paints of feminism. -Chelsea, Johns Hopkins University, Political Science major

  2. I’m fascinated by your nom de plume, a name of the feather. With a feather women can write and fly.
    Blume means flower in German. The plant, the colour and the lavender water is called Lavendel
    And there is a famous DaDa-poem with the title An Anna Blume by Kurt Schwitter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_Anna_Blume
    Lavender breaks the tropes and the misogyny of the poem. Red, yellow, blue, green is mentioned, but not the lavender menace.
    Anna Blume is compared with an animal, a bird and dripping
    Lavendula is female, a plant is female, a flower is female and Lavendel was female until the 20th century. Today Lavendel is male in German, the grammatical gender.

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