Ethical living and common sense… there is really no difference when you consider living consciously. Excellent post.

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How to Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

If you want to live a more minimalist lifestyle to try and simplify your life I applaud your decision. You are going against the mainstream in doing this.

The mainstream says that more is better. Be busy all the time. Spend your money on useless stuff.

Those of us who enjoy minimalist living eschew this philosophy.

We want more time for ourselves and those close to us.

We know that less is more.

We may like certain items but they have meaning and purpose.

It is okay to be quiet and still.

So what is it about living a minimalist lifestyle that appeals to you?

I encourage you to examine your personal core values. Are your really ready to make some wholesale changes to your current lifestyle?

You may have to dig deep in order to do this. To let go of certain ingrained…

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  1. I always like the idea of living simply and enjoyed reading Walden, but I really like stuff – good stuff mind you. It actually does make me happy. What’s a materialist to do?

  2. Well, I don’t think there’s any denying that we derive comfort or even enjoyment from certain objects. I like ‘stuff’ too. But I think balance is the important thing. We have way too much shit in ‘developed’ countries that we don’t even appreciate. And why is it that you can visit a country across the world that is much less affluent and find people who are content? I think true happiness comes from freedom – and not freedom to own or buy, as we understand it in the West – but rather freedom FROM things too. Not being attached to objects, expecting externalities to fulfill us internally. It’s not what’s going on outside the mind that largely determines the level of happiness – it’s what’s going on inside.

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