Oh Canada!



Seriously, what is going on in this country??? I was even more overwhelmed than usual today by all the bad news about the direction our government is taking us in. Man are they busy, busy, busy giving us a ton of reasons to be terrified for our future. Below is a buffet of Harper’s home-cooked catastrophes. Try not to get too depressed or angry. Personally, I’m both.

Feds Eliminate the National Centre for First Nations Governance
The NCFNG offers innovative nation rebuilding services and has engaged over 300 First Nations across Canada in its short six year time frame. It provides First Nations leaders and administrators with hands-on tools for fully engaging their citizens and taking responsibility for their future, developing their own self-determining governance that moves them beyond the confines of the Indian Act to make real and lasting change for themselves. Now why would we want that?

Prime Minister celebrates shrugs at the 30th anniversary of Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Harper deemed the Charter an “interesting and important step”. Yeah, I guess. It only resulted in the limiting of police powers, protection of women’s reproductive rights, recognizing the LGBT community and strengthening Aboriginal rights (and we’ve already covered how he couldn’t care less about that). Embarrassing and disrespectful.

Ottawa ‘streamlines’ eco-reviews to aid growth; critics call it sop to Big Oil
The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Enbridge, Ethical Oil and other financially vested stakeholders agree with the government that “streamlining the review process… will attract significant investment dollars and give every region of our country a tremendous economic boost.” Apparently the rest of us are expected to applaud fast-tracking’s perpetual damage to Aboriginal livelihoods and the environment (which belongs to all of us, Alberta and BC!). Meanwhile, the Ottawa Citizen published an opinion piece quoting Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver as having previously stated that “environmental and other radical groups… [want to] stop any major project no matter what the cost to Canadian families in lost jobs and economic growth”. Interestingly, the author takes issue with the fact that the government is using “language that makes it look as if the government has a secret anti-environment agenda even if it doesn’t”. That’s because IT DOES.

Suzuki quit foundation over fed ‘bullying’
David Suzuki, one of Canada’s greatest scientific visionaries and environmental stewards, is stepping down from the board of the David Suzuki Foundation because the organization is taking heat for his ‘political’ stance. He explains that he is “keenly aware that some governments, industries and special interest groups are working hard to silence us. They use threats to the Foundation’s charitable status in attempts to mute its powerful voice on issues that matter deeply to you and many other Canadians”. Of course, the Toronto Sun and National Post jumped all over this. Well, I’m gonna go a step further than Suzuki and ask by what logic the Canada Revenue Agency claims that “it is a charitable purpose for an organization to teach the religious tenets, doctrines, practices, or culture associated with a specific faith or religion”. How is that not a political issue?

Tories criticized for vastly divergent reactions to Canadians on death row
In tandem with Amnesty International, the government is pressing Iran to drop the death sentence of Hamid Ghassemi-Shall, an Iranian-born Canadian citizen accused of espionage. What’s raising eyebrows is how shockingly weak Canada’s support of another condemned Canadian, Montana death-row inmate Ronald Smith, has been in contrast. Any excuse to make Iran look bad, right Harper?


3 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. It may or may not help, but if you visit chancedagger.com, you may take some solace in that the US is a whole lot crazier that Canada and snicker along with Chance. On the other hand, who wants to live next to a crazy, heavily-armed lunatic? I mean the U.S, not Chance.

  2. At the risk of repeating myself, take some solace that you aren’t living in the US, although living next to a heavily armed lunatic can’t be much fun either. If you feel like it, visit chancedagger.com and snicker at U.S. politics with Chance, who is not armed except with what he thinks is his rapier wit but is really more like a toy laser sword.

  3. Thanks for reading. Your blog is fantastic – I’ll be following it closely.

    Here’s the thing. The world doesn’t realize what Canada really is. We do not live up to our image of the benevolent, peaceful, compassionate country. We’ve swung so far right, so quickly, that those of us who are aware and scared as hell about it are suffering from whiplash. We’re struggling to grasp what’s happening and we don’t want to believe it. We always thought this sort of shit happened south of the border. The first challenge for Canadians especially is to take responsibility for our own democratic process rather than place our hope in the illusion of ‘change’ peddled by the electoral machine. If we’ve learned anything from watching America from behind the curtains it’s that fundamental change doesn’t happen when you elect a Republican OR a Democrat. When it comes to revolution there’s no such thing as borders and what I envision is an integrated movement that encompasses both our countries. If things suck there, they suck here.

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